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To increase access to and improve quality of healthcare delivery in order to eliminate inequalities in global child health through clinical service, education, research, public health and advocacy.


To improve the health and well-being of children and families living in medically under-served communities in low- and middle-income countries through clinical care, education, research, public health and advocacy.


Education To provide standardized medical education in core tenets of global health and social medicine

Service To ensure the delivery of high quality health care for all children, with special emphasis on children from poor, disadvantaged backgrounds

Research To develop collaborative partnerships in scientific research and quality improvement science

Public Health and Advocacy To strengthen health systems and facilitate advocacy opportunities 



  • To strengthen clinical education and training of global pediatrics, with a focus on clinical management in resource-limited settings

  • To promote bidirectional learning with clinical care and research activities between faculty and trainees at our hospital and international partner institutions 

  • To improve health service delivery at international partner institutions through quality improvement initiatives and implementation science research

  • To increase the number of US pediatricians pursuing careers in global health, specifically low-income, resource-limited countries 

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