Scholarly and Faculty Mentorship

Each Global Health (GH) track resident will be assigned a faculty mentor in the spring of PGY1 year after notification of acceptance in the track. The resident will work closely with the assigned faculty mentor within the core Global Health Program faculty group to receive focused training based on the individual resident's field work site and to develop a public health or research project to implement during the field work experience.

Experiential Learning with Underserved Populations

Residents in the Global Health track are required to participate in a community pediatrics elective during their PGY2 or PGY3 years. They also will have a 2nd "clinic" on their assigned clinic day. This time will be used for both clinical experiences with underserved populations at Child Center of New York (CCNY), a community-based organization in Queens, NY. The resident will be engaged in a community health elective working with children living in families of recent or undocumented immigrants. Clinical time will also be devoted to the resident's specialty of interest (if applicable), development/presentation of scholarly and career planning meetings.

Global Health Monthly Meeting


Global Health track residents will have the opportunity to meet and discuss current global health topics and recent articles for journal club. This time is also an opportunity to present the scholarly project to the track for feedback.


Residents will have as much as 12 weeks of protected time to finish a public health or research project in the field. Project design is begun at the start of the track in conjunction with the resident's assigned mentor that has expertise in the resident's area of interest. Residents are required to conduct a project at one of the GLOhBAL partner sites (Kenya, India, Dominican Republic or Queens, NY) with an approved affiliated mentor. Presentation of project outcomes, a written abstract, or publication of study findings is expected upon return in PGY3 year.

Deadline for applications: The deadline for applications is on the second Monday of January (of the PGY1 of the applicant). Start date: The first Wednesday of May (of the PGY1 year).

Criteria for Acceptance: The selection committee is most interested in seeing that the applicant has demonstrated a commitment to the field of global health and is sincere in his/her intent to develop a useful role in treating undeserved populations as part of his/her future career. Though previous experience or education in public or global health is not required, it will be strongly considered. For more information please email us at